SuperPixel makes websites and advertising around long-term strategies

Let’s be clear: you’re probably not going to like working with us

You want a bunch of people to follow you? Try a new dating app.

You want someone to “write the story of your brand?” Read Vonnegut.

You want fans and people to like you? Start a band and take lots of shirtless selfies.

You want to inspire people to take action? Find religion.

We don’t do any of that. And we don’t do video production, app development, host websites we don’t build, record podcasts, or fix someone else’s website that’s infected with malware.

We don’t chase fads, trends, clicks, cliches, or design styles.

If you want any of that, you can walk outside, pick up a rock, throw it, and hit someone on the head that can do some or all of that. We’ve done this for a while, and none of that crap sustainably makes you money.

Don’t call on us if you’re not comfortable with uncomfortable questions or ideas. Don’t email us if you think a good Facebook strategy is posting motivational quotes. Don’t message us if you think millennials are entitled or seniors aren’t worth anything. Don’t call us if you think no one reads or that an Instagram follower is somehow worth more than a sale.

We’re not interested in spending weeks talking about how big your logo should be, fonts, or colors. Creativity is not just how it looks.

Influencers and all the Facebook ads in the world aren’t a strategy we’re interested in, either.

We bill all clients on monthly retainers. We’re not interested in short-term work. We do working relationships that last a decade and longer.

We design and build websites, do email campaigns, ghostwriting, copywriting, print design, outdoor ads, and create strategies for small businesses and nonprofits. Most clients today start at $700 a month.

If you’ve read through that and you’re nodding your head in agreement, you’ve found the right place. Contact us.

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