The Apprentice is Leaving…

After about six months of working alongside SuperPixel, the time of my departure is nigh. Am I sad? Hell yes. This company has opened up the world of web and graphic design for me. If it hadn’t of been such a great experience, I wouldn’t even be going to college for graphic design.

I accomplished a lot during my time here. I put three different products in the SuperPixel store, designed a few social media banners for small companies, worked on editing and renovating websites, and I started to learn how to code (which if you don’t know, is fairly difficult).

I always wanted to find what I was going to do in life, and I think I have found it. This whole experience has opened my mind to a whole new path in my life. And to think, this all started because I sent an email. The best part was, the line I typed in the email, “My name is Cody Coffman. Cody for short.”, will most likely stick with the SuperPixel team for a long time. It has been a great experience for me, and even though I’m leaving for now, I might be back.


Cody Coffman

Twitter: @YesThisIsCody

Email: [email protected]

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