Brokemac Mountain

Back when I still thought college was a useful endeavor, I did an animatic in my N190 course the Spring of 2006. I called it, “Brokemac Mountain”, a spoof of Brokeback Mountain where two men are working on a Mac, an app crashes, and then having one proclaim, “I wish I could quit you”. Then they just use the Quit command.

I had it published to YouTube years ago, but it quickly got taken down because the audio was lifted straight from the original. Being a student, that was fine. Now that it’s been nearly ten years, I’m just going to post it here.

Keep in mind an animatic makes use of just still photos or text, no actual video footage, and rarely any people. It’s like a live action sketch. So here it is (it’s old, so give me a break on the size and quality):

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