Giving nerds a good rep for once, all thanks to Crit Confirm

Nerds get a bad rep. They’re awkward, introverted, weird, and lousy with dating. There’s even a sub class of nerds that smell bad and never leave their mother’s basement. But nerds are also smart, and if you take the smarts and add it with a pinch of extroversion and business savvy, you get Crit Confirm Entertainment.

Crit Confirm is a growing network of blogs and content all centered around their podcast network. A team of four are working to build the business into a sustainable network of shows, blogs, entertainment and nerdery. I had the opportunity to work with them earlier this year on building their site. I’ve worked with closely with my friend-turned-colleague Cody Leaderbrand to develop the site. You should check if out.

This has been one of those projects that’s transformed and evolved quickly over the months. My initial concept for the site was a series of podcasts that happened to have a blog attached to them. The idea for the design needed to be flexible and appealing to what is, still, a male-dominated group of young people. But over time as the content has evolved and more shows have been added, I’ve been refreshing the site a bit. Now, my idea is to keep shaping the site around the content they have and make it more like a comic book to do Justice to the adventure that is the Crit Confirm.

Here’s a shot of the site like when we launched it earlier this year:

Crit Confirm Before-ish

And here’s a shot of it now:

Crit Confirm After

It’s brighter, more whimsical, and our next step is to reconfigure the homepage to pack in more content in a more appealing way. To start we had next to no content. My experience tells me to always design for a site that doesn’t get updated much because writing content is like going to the gym for most people. But these guys are in the 1% of of sites that are sticking to it and churning out shows and posts regularly. Experience also tells me to keep as much room open in the navigation as possible after launch, too, as people start to adjust their page offerings. Too little room and you’re in trouble. It called for some changes and I’m sure more will be needed in another six months for their one year birthday.

Check out their site over at and say hello. And in case you were curious, yes, those are Zach Morris caricatures up there.

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