Indy Icon Set And The Guy Behind (Most) Of Them

As you may have saw, we have a set of icons in the store that have to deal with famous Indianapolis landmarks. The pack includes 6 different icons that have to deal with something around Indy, like the Indianapolis flag and Monument Circle. All though I can not take credit for all of the icons, I will say that I did make 4 of the 6, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

The thing is, they were harder than h*** to make. Every time I looked at them, I noticed something was off, especially with that Lucas Oil Stadium icon. That’s the problem with being a designer, though. No matter how good of a job you think you have done, they is always something that could be better. But that is exactly what separates the great designers with the mediocre designers. If you don’t go back and check your work, you haven’t put all of your effort into what you’re doing, which is not okay, especially when someone is paying you. I’m not saying you will catch all the mistakes, but unless you’re absolutely god-like and can do anything, then then will be at least one flaw you can fix in your work.

But besides that, creating the icon set was fun. This is really my first complete icon set and I am truly happy with the way it turned out. Justin always told me what I could fix, or if I even needed to fix anything. So, it was a great experience for me and as always, I’m taking something valuable away from this.

Thanks for reading.

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