Introducing Content Review

Everyone makes typos, but it’s never any less embarrassing when it happens. That’s why we’re working to eliminate typos, small errors, and other piddly mistakes that come up in day-to-day work through a process we call Content Review.

Going forward, every piece of text clients send to us, or anything we write on their behalf, will get reviewed by our new content and marketing specialist, Tristan. Having done just this sort of work for ten years, he’s in a great position to help all of us.

But Content Review goes much further than just catching small mistakes, it makes for much better content. Web content will be reviewed to make sure it maximizes search optimization and marketing (you can read some of our thoughts on that here and here), and print content will be edited for conciseness and clarity.

In addition to Content Review, we now have the ability to support social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and elsewhere. If you’re interested in growing your social media presence to attract followers and engage listeners, we can help.

Content Review starts today and we’ll be retro-actively going back over all of our existing sites in the coming weeks to ensure it has accurate content, the latest security patches, functioning pages and forms, and other noticeable enhancements.

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