Investment creates pride

Buying a car is an experience people usually go through a few times in life and they never have a good time. Assuming that you don’t know much about cars, you go to the dealership, a salesperson asks you a few questions (use cases, budget, what you currently drive, etc.) and then they lead you around and show you some cars. You can test drive them, you haggle on price, and drive home with a car you mostly like. For most people, cars aren’t a thing they fall in love with — most people don’t have the money to get the car they really want.

In that whole process there are a lot of things that just suck:

  1. You don’t have much knowledge of cars.
  2. You’re not sure you can really trust the salesperson (you probably don’t).
  3. You have to haggle on price.
  4. You’re stuck with what they have since you can’t just go customizing where the cup holders go.

But it’s not always like that. If you have the money, you can custom-build high end cars. You can pick the colors, the engine size, the tire size and all sorts of different options. You can’t necessarily pick where the cup holders go, but you can make some investment in your car, and that investment creates pride only high end car buffs enjoy. Your decision making and time to sweat the big stuff makes for a great experience. Suddenly your car (or your site) isn’t just “a car I bought” or “a site I had built”. It’s your car. It’s your site.

There are also a lot of things that make this just like getting a website. You go around to a bunch of different places, you find someone you mostly like, they ask you about your use cases, what you currently have, what your budget is, you probably haggle on price, and you get what you get.

We don’t haggle too much on price at SuperPixel because things cost what they cost and we don’t price for obscene profits, we price to cover our costs fairly. We’re not in the business of cutting corners, and we’re also squarely in the corner of end-users and doing what’s best for them. But we want you to get invested in your product, banter with us on revisions and give constructive feedback. We don’t work with people we otherwise wouldn’t have a drink with, either.

But this all adds up to an experience like none other and that investment — from both sides — creates pride.

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