Managing Your Digital Assets

What do you want to do with your website and digital assets if you’re suddenly unable to manage it any longer?

Can you to take a few minutes to give us some official direction on your website, its domain name, and your preferred next point-of-contact?

Whether you’re working solo or in a team, let us know who should be the secondary, emergency, contact in your absence.

Digital Estate Management

    * Requires additional pre-payment. We will contact you and invoice for this later.
    In cases where we don’t manage digital assets for you, perhaps because you maintain them yourself (like a Gmail account), you should consider adding passwords and details to your will with an attorney, or sharing them with your team. As a convenience, if you wish to have that rest with us, we can securely store that information in an encrypted, off-site location for you. These could be properties like email inboxes, PayPal accounts, and Facebook or Twitter profiles. We can follow-up with you to ensure they’re updated annually. If you’d like to have us store login details for these items for you, affirm your request here and we’ll be in touch to get more details.