Using your SuperPixel Analytics dashboard

SuperPixel members have access to an analytics dashboard. This dashboard displays real-time, custom-reporting of website, social media, email, and ad performance. Here are some common terms and report types available.

SEO Rankings

Rankings – This report shows the top keywords and phrases your site ranks for in Google and Bing. For example, a search keyword that ranks “2nd” indicates it appears in the second spot in a results page.

Backlinks – Backlinks are valuable to your site’s trust and ranking. This shows what sites and pages around the web are linking to your site.

Competition – If you have “competitors”, either in money or trust or information, we can track them here. This will show you their backlinks, keyword ranks, and what sites link to them. This is helpful in reaching out to those sites and getting them to link to us, too.

Site Audit – An audit of your site for things like broken links, missing page titles, etc.

Search Console – This displays all Google searches that lead to your site. It also shows you what position you’re in in Google, how many times it’s seen (impressions), and the click-through rate (CTR) of your site.


Channels – Where your site visitors are coming from. This can be direct traffic, search, social media, and referrals. It will also show you how many sessions (people using the site) in a period. Average time on the site and pages-viewed-per-person are included. The bounce rate is the rate people leave the site within 7 seconds.

Audience – Limited in data collection because we don’t track user demographics. But this will show the source country and city for traffic.

Conversions – This is not commonly set up for nonprofits. But measures the rate a person completes a purchase or other goal.

Pages – A report showing which pages on the site are most visited. “Exit pages” refers to the pages visit last in a site before leaving.

Events – We don’t setup Events for most sites.


Overview – An overview of Facebook and Twitter followers.

Feed – Shows recent likes, comments, and posts on Facebook and Twitter for your respective pages.

Facebook – Shows user demographic data for people who have “Liked” your Facebook page.

Twitter – Shows user demographic data for people who are following your Twitter account.


This report shows the last ten email campaigns. The number of recipients, the open rate, click rate, and percent that unsubscribed are included. The bounce rate is how many emails were undeliverable.


You can create a custom report for printing as a PDF. They can also be automated to send to your email on custom intervals, like once monthly.

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