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Over 13 years of creative work, revenue generation, and traffic increases for clients

Most agencies will show you screenshots of their work. That’s fine, but it’s also an indication that their work isn’t changing. Ours is thanks to affordable monthly membership with SuperPixel.

Below is some of the work that we’re has achieved measurable results we’re most proud of that’s hard to indicate with a screenshot of a website.

Cost savings of $12,000 a year

When the Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters started looking for Association management services, they quickly realized most providers just did web work. So do we, and we do it better and more affordably.

One blog post with over 12,000 visitors in three months

When the Indiana Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance started a blog, the idea 12,000 people would read the site in a year was a lofty goal. We got that much traffic with one blog post in October of 2016.

Thousands of product shots

Since 2009, SuperPixel has photographed, edited, and processed over 2,000 photos of swimsuits and lures for Trophy Technology.

Over three hours of work a night responding to emails

When Cornerstone Hall wanted to increase leads on their event venue rental service, we got to work. SuperPixel built a one-of-a-kind package builder for customers, offering 24-hour access to real prices. The result was an increase so dramatic they now follow-up with leads for hours every night.

Positive press for positive results

The IMPD Mounted Horse Patrol Association turns to SuperPixel to help promote positive press coverage and event marketing for annual fundraisers. The result was a Polo at Sunset event that was the largest crowd ever to gather at Hickory Hall Polo Club in 2017.

Doubling sales and tripling leads

When Encore Entertainment needed to boost leads and sales for some of their niche bands and brands like Cocktail Sax and the band etc., we redeveloped their sites with dramatic effect. The result was a tripling in the number of warm leads and doubling of sales.

“One of the most patient, helpful, and noble group of people we’ve ever worked with.”

“More traffic in one week than all of last year”

When Trophy Technology approached SuperPixel for a new website, the tackle company quickly saw some real results. As the owner explained, “We see more sales and traffic in one week than we did all of last year.”

A doubling of site traffic after doubling it two years before

When On Demand Staffing wanted to improve their website, they got a dramatic change that put them on-par with agencies two or three times their size. Two years later we would double traffic again with a custom job board and application process.

“We’re seeing tons more people coming in the door”

When On Demand Staffing’s Tampa office wanted to get more applicants in the door for potential part-time jobs, we prepared a super-targeted Facebook ad that landed a bullseye. Within a week more applicants were submitting online and coming in the door than ever before.

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