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First off, it’s my 18th birthday today, so happy birthday to me! (No party hats or singing is required, but it is welcomed.)

I, Mr. Coffman, have been with SuperPixel for a little over three months now and I still love this company as much as I did when I first started. I have had really amazing opportunities lately. Most of what I’ve worked on lately is editing and moving information on various different websites. For the Reaction Strike site, I’ve been porting over bios and posts over to the new website. I also did some product editing for them, in which I had to edit some pictures, so that was cool. Another website I worked on was the ZachDraws website. For that site, I took all the images on the site and organized them and put alt text on them. For the Scott Flood Writing site, I redirected HTML links, and edited some posts on the website. Diane Burks’ site was just making some edits that she had wanted to the website. Nothing too fancy there. For the Crit Confirm site, I just ported over some posts onto the website.

So… I really have nothing much else going on besides being behind on blog posts. Whoops.

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