Why SuperPixel?

We can think of five really good reasons why you’ll enjoy working with SuperPixel.

1. Other places are web design companies. We’re a strategy design company.

You have no shortage of web design companies, freelancers, and marketing firms at your fingertips. But we’re a strategy design company. It starts with our intake process for new customers.

You tell us what your goals are, what success looks like, and what failure looks like. We design the strategy for getting there and avoiding failure first. Then we design your website, logos, and other creative work.

It’s why in over 10 years 98% of our customers are still with us.

2. Ask anything, anytime

We never charge for questions and feedback. Unlike other service providers that start the clock as soon as they pick up the phone, every phone call, email, and carrier pigeon sent to SuperPixel World Headquarters is always free and off the clock.

Ask about your site, bounce ideas off us, consider the merits of an ad campaign, anything you want. We strive for a minimum 24-hour response to every email request and an initial 2-hour response for questions on weekdays; we’re sometimes much faster.

3. Constant communication

If you can order a pizza from Domino’s or a toaster from Amazon and get constant up-to-the-minute alerts on what’s happening with your order, why not get the same for your website or design project? We’ll send you an email telling you exactly what the status of your project is and the estimated timetable for completing the next steps.

4. Built for small business and nonprofits

You’ve found the only web and design team anywhere working daily to upend the terrible pricing and work practices in our industry. Every book we read, post we write, and thought we have is about making our customers more successful. Our pricing model can’t be beat or easily replicated, our team is experienced, and we can make quick work of most projects.

Plus, our work will probably pay for itself.

5. Your affordable web and strategy team

SuperPixel is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a focus on affordability. Our monthly pricing means you never pay a large deposit, huge one-time costs, or opaque and hefty ongoing monthly maintenance, service, or hosting fees. We take care of all of that for you in a low monthly rate.

With its focus on affordability and customer service, SuperPixel is redefining the future of design, e-commerce, branding, and marketing by making great design and advertising affordable and available to everyone. Learn more about us.