Introducing SuperRefresh automatic website redesigns

In 2006 most people weren’t focused on mobile-friendly websites. And those that were weren’t very good. Remember those all-text mobile-only formats that gave you the “Baby Internet”? Then in 2007 the iPhone came and by 2008 everything had to be mobile-friendly.

The amount of work necessary to get a site designed for mobile devices required a re-thinking of how sites are built. To this day sites still haven’t caught up and they’re paying the price in de-prioritized search traffic and bad user experience.

If you’re paying for a site it hurts to have to pay a bunch of money to redo or overhaul a site. Only if your site is about ten years old do you feel like you’ve got your money’s worth.

You get a new website every three years

We’re introducing SuperRefresh, a simple way to stretch out your budget to always include an automatic site redesign every 3 years.

Available exclusively to monthly subscribers for just $150 per month. It’s an additional level of service on top of our already industry-busting payment methods.

It’s easy on your budget, easy for you, and guarantees your site will always be compatible and designed for the latest technologies, devices, and style.

To get started, check out our most common monthly plans and start a conversation with us. You can even request a phone call.

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