What if there were a creative agency devoted just to nonprofits?

I think a lot about the nature of business. How it works and how it can grow, and where it makes sense to compete. While I consider myself a competitive person, I’m not really inclined to “fight” against a person or group in a lot of cases.

My entire career has been built around the notion that people deserve something better than a Wix or Weebly site. That something ought to exist for people wanting a website between $10 and $10,000.

We’ve brought on a lot of clients lately, which is great. They’re all great people. But we’re noticing that as some site builders get better, for a lot of people they really are “good enough”. And our growth has resulted in not being able to do work to the degree we want. Those trends aren’t going to reverse.

How can we be truly excellent at helping one client sell paint and 20 minutes later help another client sell commercial real estate? To be truly excellent, we have to get more specific. As someone who often wants to engross myself in a specific topic and learn everything imaginable about it, we’re not doing anyone any favors by trying to be a Jack of all trades and a master of none.

So when we look at ways to become more valuable, more helpful, and to deliver better service, there was one obvious niche: nonprofits. It’s one not many other shops across the country are interested in.

We think they’re some of our best clients and we want to work with more of them.

And it turns out when you look at SuperPixel’s growing list of clients, there’s a common thread: more than half are nonprofit organizations, associations, or government entities anyway. This just makes a lot of sense to us.

We weren’t even very strategic in this. We never set out to work primarily with nonprofits. It just happened.

But today we’re announcing that we’re going to work exclusively for nonprofits, associations, public units, and governments. By spending our time and energy learning about and focusing entirely on the organizations that do so much for our community, we can do so much more for them, too. They share similar concerns, problems, and interests. What works well for one can sometimes be translated to others, and that increases the value for everyone.

For all of our existing non-NPO clients, don’t worry, nothing much will change for you. In fact, everything will continue on as it has been.

And because nonprofits are so often cash-strapped, we already know we have the winning model on how to make good design services affordable. We’ve set some standard rates that can fit just about any budget.

If you know of a deserving organization in need of some online and offline creative help, let’s get in touch.

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