Work and Rates

The most affordable web team anywhere

Your own web team for the price of lunch a day

SuperPixel is your on-call creative and design staff for about $13 a day.

We have over a decade of experience developing websites, designing promotions, helping organizations build an online community, sending email campaigns, and producing all kinds of media.

We do the work other agencies don’t want to, in ways they don’t want to do it. We’re cheaper, more predictable, and reliable.

We provide nonprofits and businesses with a strategy that include affordable web, design, development, and media work on a low monthly subscription rate with no large up-front costs.

Rather than us saying, “Great, that’ll be $10,000”, we say, “How about $700 a month?”

You and your board get a consistent, predictable expense each month without the need to go scraping up money from family, donors, the board, or the couch cushions to cover a large fixed-cost. It’s a website, not an office building after all.

And because so much of what we do is fluid and ongoing, our rates automatically build in time to handle things that pop up later on.

Have a new event coming up you need flyers for? Need your website updated to include information on a new program or staff person? With us there’s no need to ask about time because it’s already built-in.

Website, Print, and Creative Work and Rates FAQs

Q: I happen to have some grant money I need to spend. Can I pay for services the traditional way, in advance?

A: Sure. Our automatic accounting software can produce a credit and either deduct from that credit monthly, quarterly, annually, or as-needed.

Q: I’m actually not a 501(c)3, is that okay?

A: Possibly. We look at organizations that fit into gray areas all the time, like public corporations or municipalities. We also do work for 501-related organizations, like associations and commissions.

Q: I’m a new organization and have literally no money. Can I get services for free or reduced cost?

A: We view our pricing structure as the biggest benefit to helping nonprofits grow, but we can’t offer our services for free.