Print and Offline Media

You’ll love having all your print work done by SuperPixel

Is your website done by one group, a newsletter by another person, and all your print materials like business cards and brochures done by yet another place?

Hobbled together, these look like disparate pieces about one organization held together by only a logo. Which was also done by another person, right?

Align everything under one consistent message. Make your website match the newsletter, emails match the newsletter, and printed artwork look and feel right in line.

What we can do for you

  • Logos with our customer-friendly 6 idea mockup process
  • Business cards
  • Brochures and pamphlets
  • Flags, banners, and signage
  • Envelopes, letterhead, and mail material

Consistent and on-target

We can start by creating a logo or using your existing logo. We can match your website to your office scheme, or your preferred colors. The end result will be a collection of pieces that represent a whole.

Your business card will feel like your website. Your website will read like your brochure. Your brochure will give a direct nod to your email and social media presence. And the flags, signs, and banners at the conventions or expos you attend will also seamlessly match and work together.

It’s the fundamentals of brand building and we practice it every day.

Print and Offline Media FAQs

Are there additional costs to printed materials?

Printing costs, of course, but we have a great relationship with a local printer in Indianapolis. We can extend our bulk printing discount of 15% on to you, and offer free delivery in the Indianapolis area. Or, UPS shipping if you’re not.

Can you help us with mass media advertising?

Absolutely. We can put together print ads for newspapers, guides, programs, or whatever publication you or we identify as a great fit for your organization.