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Measurable, actionable, affordable, and achievable

Small business in America is defined as anything under about 500 employees. For most people there might as well be a sub-categorization of “Smaller Business”. We always ask what your goals are first, then design around that. Not the other way around like most everyone else.

We even write complete strategy guides for our small business clients. Just so you know what we’re seeing, what we’re working toward, and how to get more leads, grow sales, or expand your business.

A business that isn’t growing is a business that’s starving, and we’re here to help.

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Small Business Guide to a Better Website
A small business’s guide to a better website. Stop flying by the seat of your pants!

It’s why we started our Smaller Business Podcast series and wrote the book on building a better small business online.

What’s included in this small business guide to a better website?

  • Marketing vs. branding and what you’re doing
  • Logo design
  • Establishing goals, strategies, and guidelines
  • Questions to make you think about your customers
  • 17 things worth writing about in your blog
  • How and what to measure on your site and online
  • What to look for when hiring a contractor to design your website and other creative work
  • A checklist of top to-dos to get you started.

To get your free copy, just fill out this handy form and you’ll be directed to a PDF version. And no, we won’t spam you. In 2015 we sent out two emails.

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What’s in it for my business?

We go above and beyond for businesses. We guarantee:

  • A clear and direct cost that’s the most affordable in the industry.
  • Fast, concise communication before, during, and after your site is up and running, with automated emails tracking the status of your site or project as it’s built.
  • A focus on getting you the best possible search engine rankings imaginable, organically and without black hat SEO practices, to help you gain a bigger audience.
  • Help writing and putting together grants and web content, including our Content Review process.
  • We can even help you put together a social media and marketing strategy to help you garner attention online and grow customers organically.

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