Websites for Governments & Municipalities

Our work started in government over a decade ago

Government has just as many challenges and problems as private sector business, and often more.

SuperPixel has been working with state and local governments and municipalities for over eight years and counting. We understand that your grants and funding come and go, your budgets are tight and getting tighter, and the political climate is rough.

But you still have a duty to provide accurate, useful information to the public, whether for a campaign, a legal obligation, or just because it’s the right thing to do. We can help you build a website, create a message, and grown an audience online.

I have odd budget cycles. Can you work with that?

We’re as flexible as you need us to be. Because we understand so much about government operations, we help in more ways than just offering great marketing and web design services. We’re happy to extend payment options longer than 30 days to accomodate your lengthier check-writing process (and we’ll gladly take a check or wire transfer over electronic payments).

Do you have a grant cycle ending, or is your year-end budget about to be exhausted in place of a new, tighter, budget? We can accept up-front payments and place a credit on your account that we can draw from throughout the year or until it’s exhausted. This is great for those times when you have $700 that you need to spend and account for right away.

Hire SuperPixel and you’ll get all this combined with our always low prices, guaranteed.

What can my department be guaranteed?

We’re 100% confident in saying that we are the best agency to work with for governments. Here’s what we guarantee your agency or department:

  • A clear, direct, risk-free quote of costs before your website’s construction begins.
  • Fast, concise communication before, during, and after your site is up and running, with automated emails tracking the status of your site or project as it’s built. You’ll also get monthly reports on the status of your site to keep your agency heads, directors, and other stakeholders informed.
  • Good stewards of tax dollars. We are the most affordable and effective marketing team for government anywhere in Indiana.
  • A partner for the lifetime of your agency — regardless of budget fluctuations.

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