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Your very own space and creative team

Avoid the hassle of terrible DIY site builders like Wix and GoDaddy. If you’re interested in the next level of personal blogging, writing, and branding we should chat.

Our work is affordable for individuals interested in growing their online presence. We’ve helped dozens of people like you with their own blogs, personal campaigns, and pet projects.

You’ll find a lot of great advice in our small business guide

Small Business Guide to a Better Website

A small business’s guide to a better website. Stop flying by the seat of your pants!

You may not be a small business in the traditional sense, but there’s a lot of overlap. So get free advice in our Smaller Business Podcast series and we wrote the book on building a better small business online.

What’s included in this small business guide to a better website?

  • Marketing vs. branding and what you’re doing
  • Logo design
  • Establishing goals, strategies, and guidelines
  • Questions to make you think about your customers
  • 17 things worth writing about in your blog
  • How and what to measure on your site and online
  • What to look for when hiring a contractor to design your website and other creative work
  • A checklist of top to-dos to get you started.

To get your free copy, just fill out this handy form and you’ll be directed to a PDF version. And no, we won’t spam you. In 2015 we sent out two emails.

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Wondering how much hiring us costs? We have the simplest pricing of anyone.

Website and Online Media FAQs

Can you help us manage our social media presence?

Yes, and we do that across all sorts of sites and for all sorts of organizations. We don’t chase followers and “likes”, but we can give you ideas or do it for you.

What about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

All of our sites are built to standards and best practices established by Google and other search engines. We can’t ever guarantee anyone any spot in a search result, but we can set some goals and implement a strategy to get there.

I already have a website, can you maintain it?

Possibly, but not likely. Most of the time when someone says this they really have an old site from ten years prior. It doesn’t do anyone any favors to keep that around. It’s like driving cross-country in a 20 year old car. Maybe you’ll get there, but you can’t be surprised when it leaks oil along the way.

What other stuff do you do besides websites?

We can help with photography, video production, email campaigns, writing, and printed materials like signs and banners.

Can’t I just do something for free with Wix or some other free site builder?

Probably, but just like do-it-yourself plumbing or car repair, you get what you pay for. You should read a little more about free site builders on our blog.

Is this worth the money?

This is an investment in your organization just like your cell phone plan and your business cards. In many cases, your site is the first and only thing people will see about your group or organization. It’s worth spending a little money on, and we work hard to keep our costs down so we can pass those savings on to you.

How long will it take to make my website?

Assuming this is a “typical” site with a handful of pages, you’ve got your content mostly ready to go, or if we’re redesigning an existing site, it’ll probably take us two or three months. Larger sites, such as e-commerce sites and anything with a lot of information to sort through will take longer.

If you work at an organization that requires many stakeholders and the process just has to move slower, so will we, and that’s okay.

What’s in it for me?

We go above and beyond for nonprofits. We guarantee:

  • A clear and direct cost that’s the most affordable in the industry.
  • Fast, concise communication before, during, and after your site is up and running, with automated emails tracking the status of your site or project as it’s built.
  • A focus on getting you the best possible search engine rankings imaginable, organically and without black hat SEO practices, to help you gain a bigger audience.
  • Help writing and putting together grants and web content, including our Content Review process.
  • We can even help you put together a social media and marketing strategy to help you garner attention online and grow customers organically.