So our work sucks. Now what?

“Some of the sites they have on their work section are not super exciting/showcasing.”

That’s a fine way to start your day, isn’t it?

That’s what a prospective client said about our work. I read this and thought, “Well, I guess our work sucks. Time to go open a bakery or something.”

This prospective client’s remark didn’t really hurt me or anger me, but it did make me think about our websites. Our sites do what they were designed to do, and that’s the best anyone can ask for. This client was after a website that really revolved around their brand. Something that was more aesthetically involved that functionally prescient.

The site they were after didn’t need to do much from a feature standpoint, it just needed to convey an image and a feeling. Like how Jack Daniels needs to make you feel an emotional attachment, despite their bourbon being no better or worse than most others.

We didn’t get the account because we’ve never placed a premium on highly aesthetic looks over function. It’d be like if your state’s DMV or tried to look more aesthetically pleasing than functional. All jokes aside about the functional part, it’s necessary to understand the audience and purpose of each project first.

We’ve never done a website for a plumber, light company, bank, or undertaker — but we could. Just like you probably haven’t done a lot of things, you could if you wanted or needed to.

Our past work reflects the cultures and audiences they were intended to serve. If that’s “unexciting” it’s probably because the audiences were identifiably less tech-savvy or weren’t after an experience. You don’t go to looking for an exciting experience, do you?

There are too many industries for us to say we’ve done something for everyone, or for us to show you a site we’ve done that’s exactly like what you need. Everyone’s different. That’s the beauty and downfall of working in marketing and on the web — we can’t ever show you exactly what you’re going to get before you get it.

Research has to be done, audiences have to be identified, client desires have to be considered, customer needs must be prioritized. In the case of this prospective client, yes, they would have needed something exciting and experiential. Something that really showcased their product and it’s intended lifestyle and emotional appeal. We would have worked our hardest to deliver just that.

But what did we get out of this? The desire to prove we’re capable of anything we set our minds to. That’s why we introduced our 31-Day Money Back Guarantee on all our web services. Hiring a design and marketing agency shouldn’t be hard, scary or risky. So while we can’t show what you’re going to get before you get it, we can at least guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied with the result.

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